House of Swords


A young and beautiful half-elf who has worked for the Swords for a very long time. Lilith is roughly 23 years old and has short, jet black hair. She has operated as a street-tough and assassin and up until very recently has worked with her partner Dolgrim under the command of Hector Jarfin. Lilith has fallen into some trouble with the Swords, as she has taken up allegiance with The Right Hand of the People, though apparently not willingly. Lilith has a cold exterior, but her emotional connections to those she cares about runs deep, and she does not display her affections openly. Lilith has risked herself to save the lives of Dolgrim and Elend. She has sacrificed more than they know for their sakes, and would sacrifice much more if need be. Lilith’s loyalties lie not with any House or organization, but to herself and those she cares about. Lilith is deeply connected with The RIght Hand, and however long she has been working on collaboration with them or the circumstances of her shift towards them in favor of the Swords are unknown.

Notable Quote – “I don’t trust them, not even a little bit.” -To Dolgrim, regarding Garen and the Right Hand.


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