Lyria Mathis

House of Wands


A vision of beauty and wealth, 19 year old Lyria Mathis is the daughter or Illithan and Miranda Mathis, the presiding King and Queen of Wands in Arkanith. Lyria has proven to be more of an object than a person thus far, a bargaining chip for several interested parties. Elend was sent by Tethys to arrange a meeting with Lyria, while Dragomir, Dolgrim, and Agalloch were sent with Grenwich to abduct her at the behest of Garen Montrose. She is intended to be married to Victor Cartwright, which she is not terribly thrilled about. She has admitted that her kidnapping was staged and that whatever happened was not part of her plan, which also seems to be part of Garen Montrose’s plan, whetever that may be. Lyria is a wand in the purest sense of the word. Very passionate, a prodigal sorcerer, hot tempered, and short sighted. She also apparently disdains violence.

Notable Quote – ”And what self serving piece of shit house do YOU work for?" – To Elend


Lyria Mathis

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