House of Cups


This mysterious half elf seems to have his fingers in every cookie jar in Neugato. He is always very well dressed, keeps a rapier at his hip, and is often seen rolling a coin across his fingers. Tethys’s cohort, a lumbering humanoid known only as Bromf, is never far from him. Tethys owns various establishments throughout Neugato, at this point those establishments are The Teardrop, Dilean’s, and The Shiv. Tethys’s motives are largely unknown, but he has made arrangements with Elend to procure a meeting between Lyria Mathis and himself. Tethys also intercepted Dragomir on his run from The Setting Sun to Mushnik’s Magical Mystery Store, where he presumably obtained whatever it was that Dragomir was carrying. Tethys is a man who knows a great deal of information relevant to everyone. He even referred to Elend by his true name, which is a secret he has gone to great lengths to protect.

Notable Quote – “Help me out, and I’ll get you anything you want…”


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