Victor Jara

House of Swords


Manager of The Setting Sun, a prominent tavern in Arm’s Way. Victor Jara is a jittery, stressed man who constantly seems to be plagued with worry. Victor is more than he lets on, and is a major player in the Swords’ not so public side. Victor has been a long time source of information for Dolgrim, and propositioned Dragomir to make a delivery for him to Mushnik. When Dragomir was attacked the next day by a group of people looking for the package he was supposed to deliver, Victor was there along with Mushnik and Victor’s large bodyguard named Braham. Braham was killed, luckily for Dragomir, by Melville and the two Right Hand agents posing as guards. Victor Jara was last seen fleeing the scene with Mushnik.

Notable Quote – “Discretion is absolutely essential, don’t fuck this up.” – To Dragomir

Victor Jara

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